Popular solutions for erectile dysfunction

Just to update you all Carlos told us to update this post. Apparently the site he found has recently added some images that show actual results of the pill. See the resultados page. Resultados is spanish for results in case you didn’t figure it out.

The Original Article

There is no secret that many men suffer from erectile dysfunction. The question is what these men should do if they suffer from this affection?

First, a physical examination is needed in order to exclude the possibility of a lesion, of some medicines’ side affects or diseases and affections such as: multiple sclerosis, dipsomania, kidney diseases, increased cholesterol, blood tension, diabetes.

Then, depending on the specific situation, the men can opt for one of the three following remedies: a vacuum pump or, more popular known as the penis pump. It is device that creates vacuum around the penis in such way that the blood is pumped into the penis, creating an erection.

Still, there are some risks involved so, some cautions are recommended. Another option are the penis surgery, made to reestablish the blood flux in the penis’ area if the blood vases from this area don’t function well.

But, the penis surgery can bring possible risks of infection and surgical failure and this is why may not be a very good solution. Medicines like the famous Viagra are medicines that cannot be obtained over the counter and are said to have risks too.

You need a prescription from a doctor before getting this kind of pills. If the doctor recommends them, then maybe is good for you to try them.

There are also supplements that don’t need prescription and that helps a man to get a stronger erection and to resolve his erectile dysfunction problem.

The prosthesis for penis is another solution. It is also called device for penis’ extension and is one of the best options because it doesn’t involve risks and because is medically verified.

On the top of all these, you can get some more centimeters for your penis. Based on your situation. you can put an end to the problems of erectile dysfunction and you can regain your sexual performance from other times.

In this way the lost self esteem will be regained too. From all these possible solutions the pills are the most indicated and most wanted one because are made of plants, efficient, safe, easy to use and, maybe the most important aspect, they are made of plants.

Lately Carlos our resident Mexican has been teaching us some Spanish here in the office. We asked him how to you say penis enlargement pills. He said it was pastillas para agrandar el pene.

We laughed. The Cathy said well Carlos why don’t you find pastillas para agrandar el pene online for us.

He found that neat site all in Spanish. We could not understand a word but it appears they were recommending Vigrx Plus. We said HEY! We have review this before.

So all around the world no matter your language it appears people like vigrx. Before taking any decision about which of the methods described in this article to use, a man should see a doctor who will best recommend his what to do and what to use for his problem.

How does PE work?

Many of you wonder how the penis enlargement pills work. Practically, these pills will bring more blood to the penis’ level. This thing is promised by the producers of the pills to be seen even from the first days of utilization and that will materialize in stronger erections. The producers also promise a penis enlargement in about 2-3 weeks after using the pills. This penis elongation is possible due to the constant increase of the blood flux and it will get to a reaction from the penis: the elongation of the penis’ cells to maintain this increase of the blood flux. If the man stops taking the pills after one month, it is possible for the penis’ enlargement to step back and to get to the initial size. Practically, after one month the penis reacts to the increased blood flux through the penis cells’ elongation which can get back to the initial size if the increased blood influx to the penis is stopped. If this increased influx of blood it is maintained at least 3 months, the penis reacts by multiplying the cells from penis.

After this penis cells’ multiplication, the penis enlargement is for good because a new perineum tissue is created and will not disappear. This is why the male enhancement pills are recommended to be used for at least three months. This penis cells’ multiplication system is present in many organs of the body reacting to the continue external stimulation. As some conclusions for the usage of the penis enlargement pills: these pills can be a great method for a bigger and thicker penis but also for the erections’ improvement. It is recommended to use the pills that are sold all over the world not pills that can be found in one country or are illegally imported.

Types of pills available

vigrx plusThere are many solutions for the male enhancement such as: exercises, surgeries, pills, massages but the most of the voices sustain the pills as being the most efficient and as representing the only solution, especially because are made of natural ingredients. Not all the pills can satisfy the users and improve the sexual performances and the confidence in yourself in bed. There are the natural solutions but you have to know which one is the most proper for you. The pills based on a natural formula from plants may have the penis enlargement as result as well as the improvement of the sexual health, harder erections and can be a solution for the erectile dysfunctions. Those dysfunctions cause a small dimension of the penis, low self esteem and self respect, weak and unsatisfactory erections and premature ejaculations. The usage of the plants pills is safer because these pills are made of plants from all over the world, plants that proved their efficiency and the users can be sure that an improvement of the sexual performances will be seen. Purchasing entry level products can cause more problems. There are many dangerous products out there. There are pills said to make the penis bigger with 4 to 6 cm and up to 25% thicker like Vigrx Plus. And the results can be seen in just few weeks as reported by this review. One of the important advantages of the male enhancement pills is that one your penis will be bigger is no longer necessary to take the pills after you get the wanted size. More, the pills’ prospect promise to improve the sexual life, promise a bigger penis and stronger erections, all of these modifications in short time. A stronger orgasm, a better urinary circulation and an improved blood flux in the genital area are also promised. The effects may vary from one man to another and a doctor should be consulted before using the pills.

Common Methods of PE

The most popular penis enlargement methods are the artificial ones: pills, surgery, vacuum pumps. Some specialists say that only the exercises specific to the male enhancement can be considered 100% natural methods of penis enlargement. Some men would be tempted to put the pills based o plants or with naturist content on the list of natural methods. Is the natural penis enlargement possible? Some say that the answer is definitely yes. It is possible through 100% natural methods, with no side effects. Through exercises that activate the penis’ muscle the men can gain in length and in thickness. There are the stretching exercises at the ligaments’ level with the application of the pressure exactly in the right point that leads in time to the penis’ enlargement through the multiplication of the specific cells situated in the penis’ muscle. The proof of natural male enhancement is the Padaung tribe in Burma, the same tribe known for the “giraffe women” wearing necklaces tight around the neck, elongating it to the incredible dimensions. The necklaces’ rings are put one by one even since childhood. The result is an abnormally long neck obtained through mechanical elongating methods. The tribe applies the same principle to the penis. The tribe’s members consider the penis a much simpler organ than the neck and the principle should have the same results. Coming back to the natural penis enlargement methods, the exercise are considered by some people to be the only natural ones. The mos popular exercises are the Jelging type ones, coming from the Arabic area and used there to prepare the young men for marriage and consist in the penis’ massaging for 30 to 60 minutes. In this way the blood circulation gets better in the specific area leading to a quality sex act. The technique is simple, using the massage with two fingers: the big fingers and the middle one. The lubricants creams can be also used. It is also indicated to apply the massage for many months and to follow the results.