Common Methods of PE

The most popular penis enlargement methods are the artificial ones: pills, surgery, vacuum pumps. Some specialists say that only the exercises specific to the male enhancement can be considered 100% natural methods of penis enlargement. Some men would be tempted to put the pills based o plants or with naturist content on the list of natural methods. Is the natural penis enlargement possible? Some say that the answer is definitely yes. It is possible through 100% natural methods, with no side effects. Through exercises that activate the penis’ muscle the men can gain in length and in thickness. There are the stretching exercises at the ligaments’ level with the application of the pressure exactly in the right point that leads in time to the penis’ enlargement through the multiplication of the specific cells situated in the penis’ muscle. The proof of natural male enhancement is the Padaung tribe in Burma, the same tribe known for the “giraffe women” wearing necklaces tight around the neck, elongating it to the incredible dimensions. The necklaces’ rings are put one by one even since childhood. The result is an abnormally long neck obtained through mechanical elongating methods. The tribe applies the same principle to the penis. The tribe’s members consider the penis a much simpler organ than the neck and the principle should have the same results. Coming back to the natural penis enlargement methods, the exercise are considered by some people to be the only natural ones. The mos popular exercises are the Jelging type ones, coming from the Arabic area and used there to prepare the young men for marriage and consist in the penis’ massaging for 30 to 60 minutes. In this way the blood circulation gets better in the specific area leading to a quality sex act. The technique is simple, using the massage with two fingers: the big fingers and the middle one. The lubricants creams can be also used. It is also indicated to apply the massage for many months and to follow the results.