How I unblock YouTube at work to kill some time

youtube workWe have all been there. Its 4:00PM and you get out at 5 o clock. You don’t really feel like doing any more work. You want to do something that will just make that time go by as fast as humanly possible. YouTube is blocked so you cant go on there and watch some funny videos. Or is it? I found this handy little site It is a proxy site that allows you to access sites that are normally blocked. While it can certainly be used to access other sites, I mainly just use it for YouTube. This is what I go on when I am at home anyways, so it fits my needs nicely. There are many guides out there that help you access blocked sites, this method was by far the easiest as I don’t have to install any new software on my computer. The IT department does not really like us asking for permission to install something. Other popular methods include VPNs, socks proxies, and router vpns setups. Most of these are just not an option at work. When the rest of my co-workers found out that I unblocked youtube they all wanted to know how I did it. So I simple shared the site with them. I was a hero for all of a few days.